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List of Tenders

Tender Information Will Be Listed Accordingly By Requirement , Date & Time

For any e-tender as per notification in the news paper please visit website

www.wbtenders.gov.in (Please use this site in new browser window, if not connect it directly)
No.Tender Title Reference NoOpening DateClosing DateDownload 
1Advertisement for Enlistment of VendorsPur/ADVT/ENLIST/1157710/12/2015N/ADownload PDF
2Enquiry for Area Wise OutletsMDC/ENQ/OLT20/11/2018N/ADownload
3Enquiry for Areawise DistributorMDC/ENQ/DIST24/06/19N/ADownload
4Enquiry for Indication cum Totalazer for Magnetic FlowmeterPUR/ENQ/30217/12/1902/01/20Download pdf
5Enquiry for Ball ValvePUR/19-20/31526/12/1915/01/20Download pdf
6Enquiry for Computer Stationary PrintingPUR/19-20/31326/12/1908/01/20Download pdf
7Enquiry for Non SKF BearingPUR/ENQ/31930/12/1914/01/20Download pdf
8Tender for Smart Type Level Transmitter with LED (Dates Extended)PUR/19-20/06002/01/2020/01/20Download Pdf
9Expression of Interest for Non Conflicting ProductsPUR/EOI/06204/01/2018/01/20Download pdf
10E-tender for Supply of Skimmed Milk PowderPUR/19-29/06309/01/22030/01/20Download pdf
11E-tender for Supply of White ButterPUR/19-20/06409/01/2030/01/20Download pdf
12Tender for Engagement of Hired CarPUR/19-29/06510/01/2021/01/.20Download pdf
13Enquiry for purchase of VITAMIN ADPUR/ENQ/32515/01/2027/01/20Download pdf
14Enquiry for Office StationaryPUR/ENQ/32616/01/2030/01/20Download pdf
15Tender for Purchase of Table ButterPUR/19-20/06617/01/2027/01/20Download pdf
16Enquiry for different flavoured colorPUR/ENQ/32817/01/2030/01/20Download pdf
17Enquiry for L&T make Spare Kit without coil (Tyre-ML3)PUR/ENQ/32917/01/2029/01/20Download pdf