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List of Tenders

Tender Information Will Be Listed Accordingly By Requirement , Date & Time

For any e-tender as per notification in the news paper please visit website

www.wbtenders.gov.in (Please use this site in new browser window, if not connect it directly)
No.Tender Title Reference NoOpening DateClosing DateDownload 
1Advertisement for Enlistment of VendorsPur/ADVT/ENLIST/1157710/12/2015N/ADownload PDF
2Enquiry for Area Wise OutletsMDC/ENQ/OLT20/11/2018N/ADownload
3Enquiry for Areawise DistributorMDC/ENQ/DIST24/06/19N/ADownload
4Enquiry for Grease Pump Complete UnitPUR/ENQ/10705/07/1922/07/19Download Pdf
5Tender for Transport Contractor for Engagement of Staff BusPUR/18-19/01811/07/1920/07/19Download
6Enquiry for Woolen GoodsPUR/ENQ/11210/07/1920/07/19Download Pdf
7Enquiry for Electrical Goods of Philips MakePUR/ENQ/11512/07/1922/07/19Download Pdf
8Tender for Pest Control Service at Mother Dairy Calcutta Dankuni.PUR/19-20/01912/07/1922/07/19Download Pdf
9Tender for Pest Control Service in different Mini Dairies of Mother Dairy CalcuttaPUR/19-20/02012/07/1922/07/19Download Pdf
10E-tender for ETP Maintenance PUR/19-20/02113/07/1929/07/19Download Pdf
11Enquiry for Godrej Chair (date Extended)PUR/ENQ/11713/07/1902/08/19Download Pdf
12Enquiry for Polythene JerrycanPUR/ENQ/11813/07/1925/07/19Download Pdf
13Enquiry for Rubber ShoePUR/ENQ/11913/07/1923/07/19Download Pdf
14E-tender for deployment of SecurityPUR/19-20/02215/07/1906/08/19Download Pdf
15Enquiry for Rechargable Torch (Eveready)PUR/ENQ/12015/07/1925/07/19Download Pdf
16Enquiry for PVC Copper Cable & Insulated Wire PUR/ENQ/12115/07/1925/07/19Download Pdf
17Enquiry for Poly Pack Milk Distribution SheetPUR/ENQ/12416/07/1926/07/19Download Pdf
18Enquiry for Computer File with printingPUR/ENQ/12716/07/1926/07/19Download Pdf
19Enquiry for C.I TilesPUR/ENQ/12917/07/1906/08/19Download Pdf
20Enquiry for Copper Winding WiresPUR/ENQ/12817/07/1927/07/19Download Pdf
21Enquiry for Spares of BEACON Mono Block PumpPUR/ENQ/13017/07/1929/07/19Download Pdf
22Enquiry for BE PumpsPUR/ENQ/13117/07/1929/07/19Download Pdf
23Enquiry for SS Dairy Fittings PUR/ENQ/13418/07/1909/08/19Download Pdf
24E-tender for Supply of Push CartPUR/19-20/02619/07/1903/08/19Download Pdf
25E-tender for Supply of Skimmed Milk PowderPUR/19-20/02720/07/1910/08/19Download Pdf
26E-tender for Supply of White ButterPUR/19-20/02820/07/1910/08/19Download Pdf
27Enquiry for SMP TransportationPUR/ENQ/SMP/TRANS20/07/1924/07/19Download Pdf
28Enquiry for Driven PullyPUR/ENQ/013822/07/1913/08/19Download
29Enquiry for PVC Copper CablePUR/ENQ/013722/07/1901/08/19Download
30Enquiry for Mono Ethylene GlycolPUR/ENQ/013923/07/1901/08/19Download
39Enquiry for Drinking StrawPUR/ENQ/014031/07/1912/08/19Download Pdf
31Enquiry for Godrej Mortise LockPUR/ENQ/014231/07/1912/07/19Download Pdf
32Enquiry for Pipe Cleaning BrushPUR/ENQ/014331/07/1912/07/19Download Pdf
33Tender for Polystyrene SpoonPUR/19-20/02503/08/1917/08/19Download pdf
34E-tender for supply of caustic soda lyePUR/19-20/02305/08/1922/08/19Download
35E-tender for supply of Polystyrene Cup for Dahi, YoghartPUR/19-20/02405/08/1924/08/19Download
36Enquiry for KAYCEE Rotary SwitchPUR/ENQ/014805/08/1912/08/19Download
37Enquiry for PVC Water Tank (SINTEX)PUR/ENQ/014905/08/1913/08/19Download
38Enquiry for FELT OIL FILTER (FRICK)PUR/ENQ/015005/08/1916/08/19Download
39Tender for Uniform (Shirting & Suiting)PUR/19-20/02506/08/1926/08/19Download
40Enquiry for DANISCO make CulturePUR/ENQ/015207/08/1916/08/19Download Pdf