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List of Tenders

Tender Information Will Be Listed Accordingly By Requirement , Date & Time

For any e-tender as per notification in the news paper please visit website

No.Tender Title Reference NoOpening DateClosing DateDownload 
1Advertisement for Enlistment of VendorsPur/ADVT/ENLIST/1157710.12.2015N/ADownload PDF
2Expression of Interest for set up a packaged drinking water plant at Mother Dairy Calcutta (Date Extended)MDC/PDW/EOI-00107/04/1818/05/18Download Pdf
3Enquiry for Neoprene Rubber HosePUR/ENQ/000510/04/1816/04/18Download Pdf
4Enquiry for MS ElectrodePUR/ENQ/000710/04/1817/04/18Download Pdf
5Enquiry for MS AnglePUR/ENQ/000810/04/1821/04/18Download Pdf
6Enquiry for S.S Nut & Bolt, Oil Seal, MS Weldable Elbow 1PUR/ENQ/001511/04/1825/04/18Download Pdf
7Enquiry for S.S Guiter StringPUR/ENQ/001211/04/1819/04/18Download Pdf
8Enquiry for Kaycee SwitchPUR/ENQ/001711/04/1820/04/18Download Pdf
9Enquiry for Borocil GlasswarePUR/ENQ/001811/04/1821/04/18Download Pdf
10Tender for Supply of Polystyrene Butter Milk CupPUR/18-19/00312/04/1823/04/18Download Pdf
11Enquiry for Plastic Reinforced Non-Toxic Food HosePUR/ENQ/002517/04/1802/05/18Download Pdf
12Enquiry for Teepol like detergentPUR/ENQ/003725/04/1805/05/18Download Pdf
13Enquiry for Computer StationaryPUR/ENQ/003825/04/1805/05/18Download Pdf
14Enquiry for Caustic Soda LyePUR/ENQ/004403/05/1810/05/18Download Pdf
15Tender for Suiting & ShirtingPUR/18-19/00504/05/1819/05/18Download Pdf
16Enquiry for MafronPUR/ENQ/004807/05/1821/05/18Download Pdf
17Enquiry for Driven PulleyPUR/ENQ/004907/05/1822/05/18Download Pdf
18Tender for HCLPUR/ENQ/00710/05/1825/05/18Download Pdf
19Enquiry for L&T make Electrical ItemsPUR/ENQ/05310/05/1823/05/18Download Pdf
20Enquiry for TATA make pipePUR/ENQ/05410/05/1821/05/18Download Pdf
21Enquiry for Control TransformerPUR/ENQ/05610/05/1824/05/18Download Pdf
22Enquiry for Table ButterPUR/ENQ/05712/05/1818/05/18Download Pdf
23Tender for GheePUR/18-19/00814/05/1804/06/18Download Pdf
24Tender for Franchise of Packaged Drinking WaterPUR/18-19/00914/05/1804/06/18Download Pdf
25Tender for Paneer PouchPUR/18-19/01016/05/1830/05/18Download Pdf
26Tender for Maintenance of DM PlantPUR/18-19/00616/05/1828/05/18Download Pdf
27Enquiry for M.S Castor Wheels, Hose Clip & S.S 304 nut & Bolt PUR/ENQ/005816/05/1830/05/18Download Pdf
28Enquiry for Paraquat, Gramoxone BrandPUR/ENQ/006016/05/1828/05/18Download Pdf
29Enquiry for Philips Lamps, Ballast, StarerPUR/ENQ/006116/05/1826/05/18Download Pdf
30Enquiry for Test Tube BrushPUR/ENQ/006317/05/1828/05/18Download Pdf
31Enquiry for Filter Paper and EthanolPUR/ENQ/006518/05/1830/05/18Download Pdf