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List of Tenders

Tender Information Will Be Listed Accordingly By Requirement , Date & Time

For any e-tender as per notification in the news paper please visit website

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No.Tender Title Reference NoOpening DateClosing DateDownload 
1Advertisement for Enlistment of VendorsPur/ADVT/ENLIST/1157710/12/2015N/ADownload PDF
2Enquiry for Area Wise OutletsMDC/ENQ/OLT20/11/2018N/ADownload
3Enquiry for Area Wise DistributorMDC/ENQ/DIST20/11/2018N/ADownload
4Enquiry for Common SaltPUR/ENQ/034304/03/1922/03/19Download Pdf
5E-Tender for Pouch Form filling & sealing Milk Packaging Machine PUR/18-19/09909/03/1930/03/19Download Pdf
6E-tender for the supply Non Ionized SaltPUR/18-19/10009/03/1930/03/19Download Pdf
7EOI for engagement of a Agency for designing of Art WorkPUR/EOI/10109/03/1923/03/19Download
8Enquiry for Night Latch 7 lever GodrejPUR/ENQ/034811/03/1918/03/19Download Pdf
9Enquiry for Turpentine Oil (Date Extended)PUR/ENQ/035011/03/1929/03/19Download Pdf
10Enquiry for Water pump complete with GM impellerPUR/ENQ/035111/03/1921/03/19Download Pdf
11Tender for Maintenance of Rolling ShutterPUR/18-19/10216/03/1926/03/19Download Pdf
12Enquiry for Chlorine SolutionPUR/ENQ/Chlorine18/03/1908/04/19Download Pdf
13Enquiry for Brass InjectionPUR/ENQ/035418/03/1910/04/19Download Pdf
14Tender for Supply of 1Kg Paneer PouchPUR/18-19/10419/03/1930/03/19Download
15Tender for Supply of 5 Kg Paneer PouchPUR/18-19/10519/03/1930/03/19Download
16Tender for Supply of Printing ItemsPUR/18-19/10619/03/1930/03/19Download
17Invitation of Quotation for Tariff of Insurance of different Assets (2019-20)Accts/Insurance22/03/1926/03/19Download Pdf
18Enquiry for Sulphuric AcidPUR/ENQ/00402/04/1924/04/19Download Pdf
19Enquiry for Silk Screen Printing & Flex BannerPUR/ENQ/00604/04/1909/04/19Download Pdf
20Enquiry for Water PumpPUR/ENQ/00704/04/1915/04/19Download Pdf
21Enquiry for Mafron-22PUR/ENQ/00905/04/1922/04/19Download Pdf
22Enquiry for Rubber Suction Hose PUR/ENQ/01005/04/1924/04/19Download Pdf
23Enquiry for Supply of T-Shirt as per samplePUR/ENQ/01106/04/1909/04/19Download Pdf
24Enquiry for Rate Chart Board & Standee with all milk and milk productsPUR/ENQ/01206/04/1909/04/19Download Pdf
25TENDER FOR ENGAGEMENT A HIRED LUXURY MOTOR CAR (A.C.) PUR/19-20/00108/04/1917/04/19Download Pdf
26Tender for Appointment of a Legal FirmPUR/19-20/00208/04/1917/04/19Download
27Expression of interest for Appointment a firm of Chartered AccountsPUR/19-20/EOI/00308/04/1917/04/19Download Pdf
28Enquiry for EPSON Multi functional Printer & ScannerPUR/ENQ/01511/04/1922/04/19Download Pdf
29Tender for Supply of Citric AcidPUR/19-20/00418/04/1927/04/19Download Pdf
30Tender for Supply of 1 Kg Paneer PouchPUR/19-20/00519/04/1927/04/19Download Pdf
31Tender for Supply of 5 Kg Paneer PouchPUR/19-20/00619/04/1927/04/19Download Pdf
32Tender for Service & Maintenance of Visicooler.PUR/19-20/00723/04/1902/05/19Download Pdf