Head Office : 2335-5612 / 13 / 16

List of Tenders

Tender Information Will Be Listed Accordingly By Requirement , Date & Time

For any e-tender as per notification in the news paper please visit website

No.Tender Title Reference NoOpening DateClosing DateDownload 
1Advertisement for Enlistment of VendorsPur/ADVT/ENLIST/1157710.12.2015N/ADownload PDF
2Enquiry for MS Electrode (Vortic)PUR/0028303/10/1711/12/17Download Pdf
3Enquiry for Poly Crate( Dates are extended)PUR/ENQ/0040003/01/1830/01/18Download Pdf
4Tender for Brown Synthetic TapePUR/17-18/07809/01/1816/01/18Download Pdf
5Tender for Maintenance of Plumbing & Sanitation System.PUR/17-18/07515/01/1822/01/18Download Pdf
6Tender for Caustic Soda Flakes (Dates are Extended)PUR/17-18/07318/01/1809/02/18Download Pdf
7Tender for Industrial Grade Common SaltPUR/17-18/07918/01/1802/02/18Download Pdf
8Tender for Rice Husk (Dates are extended)PUR/17-18/08218/01/1809/02/18Download Pdf
9Enquiry for Refined SaltPUR/ENQ/0040704/01/1828/01/18Download Pdf
10Tender for Data Transmission of Effluent Quality Monitoring SystemPUR/17-18/08529/01/1812/02/18Download Pdf
11Tender for Cleaning of underground drains & car washing bayPUR/17-18/08629/01/1812/02/18Download Pdf
12Tender for Retreading of Old Tyres by Cold ProcessPUR/17-18/08729/01/1812/02/18Download Pdf
13Enquiry for Nylon Brush (Extension of closing date)PUR/ENQ/042925/01/1817/02/18Download Pdf
14Tender for Straw Board PlatePUR/17-18/08931/01/1812/02/18Download Pdf
15Tender for Straw for Butter Milk / GholPUR/17-18/010314/02/1824/02/18Download Pdf
16Tender for Hired CarPUR/17-18/09202/02/1810/02/18Download Pdf
17Tender for Supply of Pouch CratePUR/17-18/09510/02/1824/02/18Download Pdf
18Enquiry for Laboratory ItemsPUR/ENQ/044009/02/1819/02/18Download Pdf
19Enquiry for Water PumpPUR/ENQ/044109/02/1819/02/18Download Pdf
20Tender for Screw CompressorPUR/17-18/09412/02/1827/02/18Download Pdf
21Tender for Supply of Skimmed Milk Powder
(Tender Cancelled)
22Tender for Supply of White Butter (Tender Cancelled)PUR/17-18/0101N/AN/A
23Tender for Supply of 1000 gm Paneer PouchPUR/17-18/09612/02/1821/02/18Download Pdf
24Tender for Supply of 5000 gm Paneer PouchPUR/17-18/09712/02/1821/02/18Download Pdf
25Tender for Supply of Ghee ContainerPUR/17-18/09812/02/1821/02/18Download Pdf
26Enquiry for Mafron (Date Extended)PUR/ENQ/043806/02/1827/02/18Download Pdf
27Tender for Deployment of Light VehiclePUR/17-18/09915/02/1822/02/18Download Pdf
28Enquiry for Printing ItemsPUR/ENQ/0044413/02/1826/02/18Download Pdf
29Enquiry for Apple Green Powder ColourPUR/ENQ/0044514/02/1824/02/18Download Pdf
30Enquiry for Arch FilePUR/ENQ/0044614/02/1824/02/18Download Pdf
31Enquiry for Computer StationaryPUR/ENQ/0044715/02/1827/02/18Download Pdf
32Enquiry for Electronic Weigh machinePUR/ENQ/0044915/02/1826/02/18Download Pdf
33Tender for Supply of 3 Ply Corrugated BoxPUR/17-18/010216/02/1824/02/18Download Pdf