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With full dedication and team work, we at Mother Dairy Calcutta shall strive to delight our internal and external customer through our quality products and services.

We shall create an environment where our stake holders feel happy and our system will be eco-friendly.

Through innovation, continuous learning and consistent improvement we shall achieve sustained growth and excellence.

To sustain market leadership in the production and marketing of a variety of liquid milk and milk products with assured quality at an affordable price, covering all market segments and to maintain the growth, prosperity and unity of all our internal & external customers.

  • We shall be reactive and conscious about various Environmental Regulations.
  • We shall create and maintain a Clean Green Belt in and around the Dairy premises.
  • We shall always keep our Environment Safe. Free from population continual sustainable development.
  • We shall maintain a harmonious relationship amongst ¬†employees and with the public at large
  • We shall provide regular and timely supply of milk and milk products at convenient distribution points under clean and hygienic conditions for different segments of consumers.
  • We shall provide remunerative returns to milk producers and other associates.
  • We shall promote innovations, continuous learning and improvement.

Mother Dairy Calcutta has the following social objectives:

Protecting the rural marginal milk producing farmers from the exploitation of profit earning middlemen.

Helping them rear their cattle in hygienic conditions, thereby increasing production of milk.

To provide wholesome milk to the customers in Kolkata & Bengal at a reasonable price throughout the year, right at their doorstep.